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Backos Bird Clinic, serving all of Broward County, FL and the surrounding areas, is home to Dr. Backos, a Certified Avian Specialist offering an exceptional level of veterinary care to all types of birds. We work with pet owners, bird breeders, zoos and other facilities treating birds, from exotic toucans and parrots, to cockatoos, parakeets, and more.

We feature a state-of-the-art surgical center, ICU, specialized avian radiography, anesthesia, endoscopy, boarding, in-house laboratory, and more. Schedule your appointment today at (954) 427-0777.

24-Hour Emergency Clinic

Rarely do emergencies emerge at convenient times. That is why the Backos Bird Clinic team is always available to tend to your bird’s emergency care needs. An exclusive avian practice since 1986, Backos Bird Clinic offers 24-hour emergency service, including holidays. Our in-house laboratory helps save precious time in determining the overall condition and treatment of your bird, allowing us to get them on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

Affordable Care

Our friendly, efficient, and highly skilled staff is fully trained to provide quality care and meet the needs of your bird. As a reasonably priced facility, we offer a range of wellness exams tailored to both our clients and their pet’s needs. This assures that we meet our number one goal: making sure your bird is happy and healthy.

  • Our in-office laboratory saves time, critical to rapid diagnosis and treatment of exotic birds.
  • Economical and caring boarding for short or long stays.
  • We compound holistic and herbal medicines for gentle treatment of chronic conditions.

What Our Clients Say

If I could give 10 stars I would. I can't say enough about Dr Backos and his staff. Every single staff member really has a love for these birds. Dr Backos is tops. His clinic does everything including boarding and 24 hour emergency. I highly recommend this place.

Percy P.

Dr Backos is the avian vet that I trust with my precious macaws and african gray. He is caring, available at all hours, and knows his stuff. His staff do a great job in grooming my feathered kids.

Neil L.

I’ve been bringing my birds to Dr.Backus for many years even though I have access to avian vets that are much closer. His clinic is very large and has everything, hospital, boarding and comfortable examination rooms. Dr.Backus is the most absolutely dedicated veterinarian I have ever encountered and I only wish I could find the same level of care when I need to go to a hospital, but no such luck. I highly recommend this clinic for your feathered friends, just be aware that they are very busy.

Ali H.

Great place, friendly, and caring staff. The receptionist was a little rude and so was another staff member. However Dr. Backos was the most caring and sympathetic doctor I’ve ever met and his staff are overall nice people.

Nicolas C.

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