Providing Medical Treatment to All Bird Types

avian veterinary services Deerfield Beach, FL

Dr. Backos is an expert in the field of Avian Medicine. His experience in the art of diagnostics and treatments is extensive.

Our hospital facility contains 35 isolettes designed to protect against cross contamination of diseases as well as provide warmth for your sick bird. Intensive Care Hospitalized birds are continually monitored personally day and night by the doctor so that adjustments in the birds care can be made as needed. Our entire staff is fully trained in avian emergency and nursing techniques.

We also offer the following services:

  • Surgical Sexing
  • DNA Sex Determination
  • International and Interstate Health Certificates
  • Surgical Procedures
  • In-House Laboratory
  • X-Rays
  • Expert Nutrition Guidance
Laboratory Deerfield Beach, FL


Backos Bird Clinic, serving all of Broward County, FL and the surrounding communities, boasts a full service, on-site laboratory for fast, effective testing and results. Our ability to conduct your bird’s exam and test our findings at our facility allows us to diagnose our patients quicker and provide critical treatment, without having to wait for results from outside testing facilities.

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Surgery Deerfield Beach, FL


Keep your bird in optimal health by scheduling their yearly exam with Backos Bird Clinic, serving all of Broward County, FL. Our highly trained staff will perform a comprehensive exam, checking them from head to toe, looking over their skin, feathers, nails, beak, and more. It is rare that birds will exhibit symptoms of illness early on, so getting your bird in for an annual visit and processing any necessary bloodwork can be crucial to avoiding more serious complications.

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Grooming Deerfield Beach, FL


Keeping up a regular grooming and maintenance schedule is another step in ensuring the health and safety of your bird. Backos Bird Clinic offers our patients complete grooming services at our facility, including nail trims, wing clipping, baths, and more.

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Nutrition Deerfield Beach, FL


Parrots satisfy their curiosity by examining everything with their strong beak and highly flexible tongue. They chew your clothing, your fingernails, and your woodwork. Sometimes they actually distract themselves by eating real food (theirs or yours). In this article we focus on some of the options that can be used to avoid the development of nutritional deficiencies in our busy-beaked friends.

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Boarding Deerfield Beach, FL


Deciding what to do with your bird when you have to leave town can be a stressful decision. You want what is best for your bird and to ensure they receive the proper care and attention while you are away. Here at Backos Bird Clinic, our goal is to provide complete boarding care with all of the comforts of home.

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Emergency Deerfield Beach, FL


Backos Bird Clinic, serving all of Broward County, FL, provides around the clock emergency care for all bird types. If you think your bird is having a medical emergency, call (954) 427-0744 for 24-hour assistance.

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