Expert Care While You Are Away

Deciding what to do with your bird when you have to leave town can be a stressful decision. You want what is best for your bird and to ensure they receive the proper care and attention while you are away. Here at Backos Bird Clinic, our goal is to provide complete boarding care with all of the comforts of home.

Our facility is fully equipped with individual cages and we require all birds to have a yearly health exam to ensure the safety of other birds in the facility along with your bird, as personalized care may need to be administered during their stay.

During Your Bird’s Stay

  • Your bird will be housed in a clean and comfortable cage
  • Your bird will be provided a wide variety of foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables. Special diets can be accommodated at time of booking their stay.
  • Your bird will receive fresh water at least twice daily
  • We ask that you bring a familiar toy or favorite treat for your bird to enjoy during their stay