Keep Your Bird Healthy with Routine Grooming Care

Keeping up a regular grooming and maintenance schedule is another step in ensuring the health and safety of your bird. Backos Bird Clinic offers our patients complete grooming services at our facility, including nail trims, wing clipping, baths, and more.

Our staff’s training and sole focus on their avian patients make them experts in providing regular grooming and upkeep for your bird. Birds may not enjoy their grooming or hygiene routine, but with proper care, handling, and an expert hand, our team can turn a stressful necessity in a quick and painless process for your pet.

Nail Trimmings
Your bird relies on their feet for everything. From grasping onto objects to scratching at an itch. If you notice that your bird’s nails have become long, it’s time for a trim. Excessive nail length can cause your bird’s nails to become hung up on clothing or other items, possibly resulting in a painful tear or rip. They can also cause abrasions to their body if used to relieve an itch or make handling your bird uncomfortable.

Clipping Wings
If you have chosen to clip your bird’s wings, it can be a difficult undertaking for someone who has not performed this task before. Extreme care should be taken when trimming their feathers. New growth or blood feathers can cause excessive bleeding if accidentally cut. Ask our staff about clipping your bird’s wings during their annual check-ups or schedule an appointment today with our trained technicians.

As a bird owner, it’s hard to miss the daily preening your bird performs to keep their feathers healthy. Preening is your bird’s way of removing debris, possible parasites, and cleaning out feathers that are no longer needed. Regular bathing helps to moisten their feathers, softening the base of their feathers and making it easier for them to preen.

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