The Importance of Annual Exams

Keep your bird in optimal health by scheduling their yearly exam with Backos Bird Clinic, serving all of Broward County, FL. Our highly trained staff will perform a comprehensive exam, checking them from head to toe, looking over their skin, feathers, nails, beak, and more. It is rare that birds will exhibit symptoms of illness early on, so getting your bird in for an annual visit and processing any necessary bloodwork can be crucial to avoiding more serious complications.

By taking a proactive approach to your bird’s health, you will find yourself with a happier and healthier bird and can avoid riskier, more costly surgical procedures and treatment later on down the line.

Advanced Avian Surgical Experience

Unlike a standard veterinary center, Backos Bird Clinic is unique in that we are an avian only practice. With nearly 40 years of treating all types of birds with a wide variety of ailments, our team has the necessary experience to safely and effectively provide all degrees of care to your bird, from general procedures to advanced surgery.

Our facility is outfitted with 35 isolettes to help prevent the spread of illness between patients as well as provide a comfortable temperature for your bird while in our care. Birds that require Intensive Care are personally monitored at all times by Dr. Backos in order to make any necessary adjustments to their treatment.